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What We Promote

We programme a wide range of professional live performances (including music) and film screenings aimed at children, family and adult audiences.

Our venues vary in size from small village halls to larger town halls or small scale arts centres. Some performances are held in school halls, church halls and even pubs and clubs.

The majority of our venues have little or no technical equipment so our events are better suited to self-contained productions or performances that require little or no technical equipment.

If you are a professional artist or company and wish to tour to the North East of Scotland then we would like to hear from you.

How We Promote

All of our performances and screenings are programmed and promoted by volunteers in rural spaces across the North East of Scotland.

They are committed to the arts and care deeply about their community. They volunteer so that others can enjoy live and screened events without having to travel great distances to large towns and cities.

We curate a Volunteer Promoter Selection Menu of around 30 productions from the submissions we receive. The Volunteer Promoters select the productions they wish to promote, this can vary from 2 to 8 productions per venue per year.

NEAT will coordinate all bookings and provide support to the volunteers.

Artists or companies are responsible for providing all publicity material.

NEAT guarantees the performance fee and we enter into a box office split with the venue.

The Volunteer Promoter is responsible for marketing the performances locally and NEAT will provide regional marketing support via our website, social media and press. The Volunteer Promoters run their own box office outlets and NEAT provides an online ticketing service.

Once a booking has been confirmed, NEAT will share the venue contact details and it will be the artists/company’s responsibility to liaise with the venue prior to the performance.

Autism Friendly or Relaxed Performances

Autism-friendly or relaxed performances can be a fantastic way for people on the autism spectrum to enjoy a live theatre show.

We are committed to making sure that access to live live theatre is an inclusive experience to as many people as possible.

Whilst we fully understand that not all productions will be suitable for everyone but we can work together to make sure that we provide as much information as possible so that audiences can make an informed decision.

It may be possible to make minor adjustments to a production, for example, reduce sound levels, changing lighting states or being open to a relaxed attitude to movement in and out of the auditorium.

Where such adjustments are not possible we can always forewarn audiences of particular content, for example, loud or sudden noises, flashing lights, scenes of physical violence etc. This will enable individuals, parents or carers to make an informed decision whether the production is suitable and if so they will be better prepared to deal with content or technical effects.

Marketing Material

It’s the productions company or artist’s responsibility to provide posters, flyers, images, press releases and any other relevant publicity material.

If publicity material is not provided then NEAT will deduct any printing costs from the fee.

As a minimum we require production companies / artists to provide A4 posters and A5 flyers. A3 is optional.

If publicity material is not overprinted then we will provide our volunteer promoters with free sticky labels overprinted with event details.

For this to work effectively we required a minimum space for labels.

Click top download our Label Size Information

Creative Scotland Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance

If your production is touring as part of the above fund then we would like to start an early conversation to ensure that both parties are working within the time fame and guidance laid out by Creative Scotland.

Live Network Newsletter

If you are a production company or an artist please sign up to our Production Newsletter.

This will help us to keep you informed about call outs, opportunities and developments.

The newsletter is ad hoc and is only sent when we have some news to share so it won’t clog up your inbox on a monthly basis.

Programming Information


We are now looking for LIVE productions touring in 2023. 


The first call-out is for shows touring between January 2023 and August 2023.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS  Sunday 11 September 2022

If your production is also touring between September and December 2023, you can select to have your offering considered for both.

If you are only touring between September and December 2023, you can also submit NOW.

DEADLINE Sunday 8 January 2023  

Even if you have submitted your production before, we need you to resubmit so that your information is up to date

Selection Menu for

January – August 2023

Deadline: Sunday 11 September 2022








Selection Menu for

September – December 2023

Deadline: Sunday 8 January 2023








Some of our venues …

Johnshaven Village Hall

Finzean Village Hall

Tullynessle & Forbes Hall

New Deer Public Hall

Crathes Village Hall

Kemnay Village Hall

Wyness Hall, Inverurie

Aden Country Park, Mintlaw

The Salmon Bothy, Portsoy

Lumsden Village Hall

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