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Melvin Hall, Tarves

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Melvin Hall, Tarves
Historic Importance: Melvin Hall is a historic community building located in the heart of Tarves village. It has been a focal point for various events and activities since its establishment.

Foundation and Purpose: Built in 1923, Melvin Hall was founded as a memorial to Captain John Melvin, a local war hero who died during World War I. It was created to serve as a place for community gatherings, events, and meetings.

Architecture and Design: The hall features traditional Scottish architecture, reflecting the style of its time. It has undergone renovations and updates over the years to maintain its functionality while preserving its historical charm.

Community Hub: Melvin Hall serves as a hub for various community activities, including social gatherings, clubs, classes, and events. It provides a space for locals to come together and engage in a range of interests and pursuits.

Cultural Significance: The hall plays a vital role in preserving and promoting local culture and heritage. It hosts events such as ceilidhs, concerts, art exhibitions, and talks that celebrate the rich history and traditions of the area.

Community Spirit: Melvin Hall embodies the spirit of community and camaraderie, providing a space where people of all ages can come together to socialize, learn, and celebrate. It fosters a sense of belonging and connection among residents of Tarves and the surrounding area.

  • The route/path to the hall is well-lit
  • A temporary ramp is available for use
  • The door opening is wide enough for a wheelchair/mobility scooter
  • Internal flooring is suitable for a wheelchair/mobility scooter
  • Signs are positioned at a suitable height level for people with reduced eye levels, like people with visual impairments or in a wheelchair
  • Reception and main hall are suitable for approach both by people in standing and seated positions
  • This is a breastfeeding-friendly venue

Venue details

2 Duthie Road
AB41 7JX
United Kingdom
Tickets are also available from: Aberdeen Arms Hotel, 10 The Square, Tarves, Ellon, AB41 7GX

Getting here

  • The venue is visible from the main road
  • The venue is within convenient distance of public transport
  • There is a public car park nearby
  • Public buses 290/291 serve the Hall
  • Local taxi firms are available:

Ellon Taxis – Tel: 01358 725888  (Ellon)

Elmbank Taxis – Tel: 01651 872618  Mob: 07949 406219  (Inverurie)

North East Taxis – Mob: 07956 495136 (Inverurie)

T-Jay’s Taxis – Tel: 07733 333884 (Inverurie)

Oldmeldrum Taxis- Tel: 01651 872378 (Oldmeldrum)