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Glenlivet Public Hall

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Glenlivet Public Hall

Glenlivet Public Hall, built in 1926, was donated to the people of Glenlivet by Captain William Smith Grant. Captain Smith Grant was a great-grandson of Colonel George Smith founder of Glenlivet Distillery. He returned home from the War in 1921 to take over the reins at the Distillery. Just like his Grandfather and uncles before him, Captain Smith Grant took on a very public role within both the local community and the County of Banff. Shortly after his return, he gifted the Hall in order to provide social and recreational facilities for the folk of Glenlivet.

  • There is ramp/flat access to the venue
  • The door opening is wide enough for a wheelchair/mobility scooter
  • Internal flooring is suitable for a wheelchair/mobility scooter
  • There is sufficient circulation space for wheelchair/mobility scooter users

Venue details

Bridgend of Glenlivet
AB37 9BX
United Kingdom

Getting here

  • The venue has its own car park