Volunteer Selection Menu Submission Deadlines

February to May 2025

Deadline - Sunday 1 September 2024 @ 11:59pm

What we are looking for …

Performing Arts

We always seek diverse and engaging performances from all genres and styles.

Our Volunteer Promoters typically choose productions that broadly appeal to their community, with some promoting family-friendly shows, others targeting adults, whilst most aim to create a well-rounded programme.

Over recent years we have collaborated with third-sector organisations to promote shows suitable for groups with specific needs, interests or facing barriers to accessing live performances.

Music 2024/25

Our promotion of music began with traditional Scottish music in 2015. Over the years, our program has expanded to include other genres.

However, in 2024, we will renew our focus on folk music, with a predominant emphasis on Scottish folk music and Scotland-based artists representing diverse cultures.

We also welcome submissions from folk musicians across the UK and worldwide.

NEAT recognises that folk music is a broad church that encompasses many styles; we will commit to supporting and showcasing exceptional talent across these many genres.

Thank you for showing an interest in submitting a production for consideration in our Live Network Menu.

Our selection process is subject to various criteria, such as:

  • genre
  • age suitability
  • technical requirements
  • production scale
  • content
  • target audience
  • touring dates
  • fee
  • evidence of the quality of work
  • sustainable and green touring practices.

We receive many submissions, and if selected for inclusion in our menu, it may take some time to reach a consensus on the productions we promote. Inclusion in the menu does not guarantee a booking. NEAT operates within a cultural democracy; Volunteer Promoters and their communities are responsible for selecting which productions they wish to promote.

Submission Form Questions

Click on the link to read the the Submission Form questions before filling the online form

If you require large print or need any other support in completing the form please contact Emyr

We are testing a new system that could save you time by allowing you to update previously submitted productions rather than starting from scratch for each menu.

Even if your show hasn’t been selected for a menu or promoted by one of our volunteer promoters, it may still be in our database.

To check, please search through the list below. If your production is listed, you can request an Update Form.

It’s possible that you’re aware of the fact that some previously submitted productions were deleted when we launched our new website. This could be the reason why your production isn’t appearing in our database.

We’ll do our best to send you the link as soon as possible, but please note that verifying your information can take 3-4 days, especially during busy periods or holidays, as this is currently a manual process. If your information doesn’t match our records, we may need additional information from you to ensure we only share information with authorised individuals. This can occur if a colleague uploaded the original submission or if your email has changed.

The link will open a form with the current information pre-populated. You can edit the information as needed and resubmit it. If you accidentally close your browser, you should be able to retrieve the information through your history tab if you use the same device and browser.

If you wish to update more than one production you will have to submit multiple requests.

Any productions that have not been programmed or updated within two years will be deleted. However, promoted shows will be kept indefinitely. This ensures that our platform remains organised and up-to-date.

If you have any questions or need help with the process, please get in touch with Emyr.

If we have your production stored in our database, please click below to request an update link.

CLICK HERE to request a link

If you need to submit a new production or re-submit a production which is not listed in our database, you can use this form.

It’s possible that you’re aware of the fact that some previously submitted productions were deleted when we launched our new website. This could be the reason why your production isn’t appearing in our database.

We suggest that you download the Submission Form Question document beforehand, to plan your submission in advance.

Sadly, we no longer offer the “save and continue” feature. However, if you close your browser and use the same device and browser to reopen the form via your history tab, you can access the information you have already entered.

Please review the information at the top of the page before filling out the form.

If you are selecting more than one menu your 5 dates should be for the first season, you will be able to update new dates nearer to the start of the second season.

If you have any queries or are experiencing any technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Emyr.

To submit a new production please CLICK below to access the Submission Form

CLICK HERE to submit a new production