Moray’s Only Contemporary Dance Event

8 & 9 June – Findhorn

People are being encouraged to bounce, shimmy and feast their eyes on all corners of the dance floor at a two-day event dedicated to contemporary dance in Moray.

Organised by Bodysurf Scotland which is celebrating its 15th year, Rise 2018 will also provide the opportunity for the company to launch its new brand – Dance North.

Rise 2018, is the only large-scale event which will exclusively provide opportunities for people to experience contemporary dance in Moray.

The extravaganza will offer something for everyone, from family shows and community dance classes to live performances by artists from across the UK.

The jam-packed programme of performances, talks, classes, food, drink and entertainment, will also offer a taste of everything Bodysurf Scotland offers as an organisation throughout the year.

Karl Jay-Lewin, Bodysurf Scotland’s Creative Director said he was excited that Rise was back for a fifth year and that it will provide the opportunity for people to celebrate Bodysurf Scotland as it moves forward with its new brand.

He said: “Marking our 15th year, Rise 2018 is a compact celebration of all that we are and our ambitious plans for the future, pointing the way forward with the soft launch of our brand new name, Dance North.  We’ve got performances, classes, presentations from some of our new Dance North Associate Artists, conversational social events and even time for a walk on the beach.  So whether it’s insightful introduction to the artful rigours of contemporary dance, a humorous show for children or an informal chat with dance artists over food and drink there’s something on offer for first-timers, seasoned enthusiasts, families and individuals alike – and all in an idyllic setting with a relaxed, festival atmosphere.

Taking place in June, this is the first instalment of Rise 2018, the second of which is planned for Autumn. Highlights at Rise 2018 will include:

The Tallest – Mamoru Iriguchi and Robbie Synge (family have-a-go, ages 3+)
With a little help from specially designed capes, The Tallest makes wee ones (and their grownups) into Tallestians, who are very, very tall. Enjoy the totally new Tallestian view of the world and discover how Tallestians roam around the space!

Eaten – Mamoru Iriguchi (family show, ages 6+)
What if your food started talking back? Lionel the lion has just eaten a human. Now Lionel hears “hello” from his stomach! A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. Eaten invites children into the fascinating world of food chains and digestion, as Lionel’s lunch teaches him to dance

Julie and Robbie (Short Film and Talk) – Robbie Synge

Explore Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge’s adventurous and increasingly visible practice, identifying personal disability access issues and solving them in novel, collaborative and proactive ways. Underpinned by the notion of challenging what is physically possible, their actions highlight problems around free movement in public places.

Mus Ro Faclan Ann (Excerpt) – Rosalind Masson and Jer Reid

Influenced by the landscape, language and culture of the Outer Hebrides, Rosalind and Jer present an excerpt of Mus Ro Faclan Ann (Before Words) – an attempt to write or record movement that is in dialogue with people and place.

Evolutio – Crystal Zillwood
A fifteen-minute choreographic solo, Evolutio zooms out and looks at our distant history and considers where we humans are right now and where we are potentially headed.

Brocade – Roberta Jean
A show that “shook and wowed audiences at NottDance”, Brocade is a poetic response to the historical and contemporary notions of craft and physical work. Performed by an exceptional ensemble of female dancers, the work has the precision, strength and delicacy of an intricate piece of lace.

This is the fifth dance event that Bodysurf Scotland has produced under the Rise banner. It follows on from the major theatre-based festival “Rise” in 2014 and 16, “Wee Rise” (for children ages 0-7) and “Up Rise” (for young people) in 2015, and the knitting and dancing project “Dances With Wool” in 2017.

In January, Bodysurf Scotland, was named as one of 116 Creative Scotland Regularly Funded Organisations for 2018-21, receiving a £586,277 funding boost over the next three years.

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