Neil McArthur, a North East Arts Touring Trustee, set himself a high challenge in May in support of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

In 2017 Neil suffered a heart attack that resulted in open heart surgery and a successful triple bypass operation. In 2019 he was diagnosed with leukaemia but so far, fingers crossed, Neil is fighting fit and always up for a challenge.

To celebrate his 75th birthday he decided to raise funds for Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF). Neil said “I am going to do so by climbing Bennachie, Aberdeenshire’s iconic peak every day in May 2021. We can see the summit of Mither Tap from our house, it’s an incredibly special place for so many, and we are privileged to have it on our doorstep”.

GEF is a registered charity in Scotland and in Kenya and its sole aim is to give disadvantaged children in Kenya a chance. A chance to get a start in life that all of us so take for granted. A chance to be educated, to have schoolbooks and a uniform, and in many cases food and security. A chance to live in a proper house. A chance for their families to become self-sustainable, grow their own food and start their own small businesses. A chance for self-respect and dignity.

Since 2014 GEF has helped over 450 children and their families to have these opportunities, but the pandemic has caused real problems. Support for each child costs £420 per year. As a small charity working overseas GEF is not eligible for the UK Government support package and as you’d expect, their capacity to raise funds during the past year has been drastically curtailed.

Emyr Bell, Executive Director of NEAT said “We are so proud of Neil and for all the charitable work he does. I had the pleasure of being his walking buddy on his 26th walk. Although the wind, rain and fog meant we had no view, I could clearly see Neil’s commitment, so far he’s raised over £7,500”

If you would like to support Neil’s achievement, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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