Membership Renewal

Thank you 

Thank you for all your hard work during the past year and for making your community a more vibrant and creative place to live, work and visit.

You provide great opportunities for people who visit your venue to experience high quality arts events and we know through audience feedback that they really appreciate your commitment, enthusiasm and time.

Member Benefits     

As you are aware NEAT offers a great deal of member benefits to help you promote your events and to develop as volunteers. More information can found in our new Scheme Brochure.

Membership Fee

  • 2018/19 £75

  • 2019/20 £75

As it has taken us longer than anticipated to review the theatre and cinema subsidy scheme it has not been possible for us to collect your membership fee earlier in the year.

Theatre Promoters have been made aware of changes to the scheme and have accepted these changes as part of their membership for 2018/19

Changes in the cinema subsidy scheme will come into effect on 1 April 2019 and promoters who only promote cinema will have the choice to continue as a member or terminate their membership.

All promoters who have promoted and event during 2018/19 will be required to pay £75 membership.

As we are nearing the end of the financial year we will also be collecting membership fees for 2019/20 at the same time in order to reduce the administration burden for both parties.

The deadline for completing the renewal form will be Friday 4 January 2019 

Invoices will be issued for 2018/19 membership and also for 2019/20 (if you choose to remain members) and should be settled within 14 working days of date of issue.

Cinema Subsidy Scheme

Over the years public funding has been slowly diminishing. Although we have secured a three year funding deal with Creative Scotland, it remains at standstill, which year on year over three years equates to an overall cut. Aberdeenshire Council funding has been at standstill since 2012. The British Film Institute (BFI) have been extremely supportive of NEAT over the years but they too have made cuts to the type of financial support they offer and we currently receive no financial support from BFI.

In order to create a more sustainable model, from 1 April 2019 the community cinema scheme will be changing as we introduce a new cinema subsidy scheme.

The community cinema scheme was never intended to be solely a means for venues to fundraise but a way for rural communities to offer more diverse events and enable those living in rural communities to have access to cinema screenings.

The new cinema subsidy scheme will bring cinema in line with our theatre subsidy scheme. Box Office income will be shared between NEAT and the Promoting Organisation. Financial losses of up to £50 will be underwritten and more diverse screenings will be further supported by a Cinema Diversity Fund.

Currently NEAT receives no income from the cinema scheme compared to an average income of £15k per year from the theatre scheme. Whilst neither schemes will ever be fully financially sustainable being able to demonstrate that they do generate an income towards the overall running cost of the organisation will make future funding applications more attractive to funders.

You can find out more about the new cinema subsidy scheme by downloading the Scheme Brochure below.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the new scheme further please do not hesitate to contact Emyr or Ruth by email or on 01330 826525

The Membership Form

The form will ask you for basic details about you and your venue.

You as Lead Volunteer Promoter will be our main point of contact.

We have also given you the option to have event and membership invoices sent directly to your Treasurer for payment in order to slightly reduce your administration tasks.

If you choose to send your invoice directly to your treasurer we will also contact your Treasurer informing them that we will be holding their details on our database and outlining the reasons for this and what information we will be sharing with them.

If you have any queries regarding your renewal process please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Thomson (Office Manager) on 01330 826525 or by email

NEAT Scheme Brochure  

Please read the brochure before completing the renewal form to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Click below to download our Scheme Brochure










Deadline: Friday 4 January 2019 

Deadline: Friday 4 January 2019