Thank you

Thank you for all your hard work during the past year and for making your community a much more vibrant and creative place to live, work and visit.

You provide great opportunities for people who visit your venue to experience high-quality arts events and we know through audience feedback that they really appreciate your commitment, enthusiasm and time.

Membership Fee

  • £75

All promoters who have already booked events for April 2020 onwards must renew their membership.

Deadline : Sunday 15 March 2020 

Invoices will be issued once you have completed your renewal form and should be settled within 14 working days of the date of issue.

Member Benefits

As you are aware NEAT offers a lot of member benefits to help you promote your events and to develop as volunteers. More information can found in Scheme Brochure.

The Membership Form

The form will ask you for basic details about you and your venue.

You as Lead Volunteer Promoter will be our main point of contact.

We have also given you the option to have event and membership invoices sent directly to your Treasurer for payment in order to slightly reduce your administration tasks.

If you choose to send your invoice directly to your treasurer we will also contact your Treasurer informing them that we will be holding their details on our database and outlining the reasons for this and what information we will be sharing with them.

If you have any queries regarding your renewal process please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Thomson (Office Manager) on 01330 826525 or by email [email protected]


You can save this form by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. 

A link will be sent to your inbox allowing you to retrieve your submission up to 30 days.    


Deadline: Sunday 15 March 2020