We would like to thank Screen Memories Scotland for sharing this quiz with us.

The answers are on a separate so you can download and take the quiz yourself and then check the answers.

Please feel free to download the quiz and share with your family and friends.

You could hold a virtual pub quiz on Zoom or Skype.

Phone your friend and ask them some of these questions.

Use in a way that works for you, but please remain safe and follow government guidelines on self-distancing




Many thanks to Screen Memories Scotland

Screen Memories is a project that has naturally developed out of their experience from creating and running groups focused on Sports Memories. By using cinema it has given them the scope to expand the use of reminiscence in a group experience.

Screen Memories are currently run on a volunteer basis. They have one member who is fully trained and experienced in using reminiscence in this way. Having created football memories he observed the need to expand the concept to cover a wider audience and set about successfully training others to help him deliver the groups as a positive experience to people who attend.

What they we do?
They travel around the country and visit care homes, Library groups, local community centres or basically anywhere where a group of people get together and are interested in movies, TV and archive footage from their local area.

To find out more visit their website – CLICK HERE

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