We would like to hear from you if you’re planning a tour between January and August 2024 or September and December 2024.

Theatre is one of our main focuses, and we’re always looking for diverse and engaging performances from all genres and styles. Our Volunteer Promoters strive to choose productions that appeal to their community, with some promoting family-friendly shows while others target adults. We also collaborate with third-sector organizations to promote shows that cater to specific needs, interests, or barriers to accessing live performances.

Music is another area of interest for us, and we have been promoting traditional Scottish music since 2015. Our program has since expanded to include other genres, but in 2024, we will renew our focus on folk music, emphasising Scottish folk music and Scotland-based artists representing diverse cultures. We welcome submissions from folk musicians from across Scotland, the UK and worldwide.

Deadlines for submissions are as follows:
January to August 2024 – Sunday 3 September 2023
September to December 2024 – Sunday 14 January 2024

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