Players: 2 or more
Age: 5+
Aim: Transform objects into as many other objects as you can.
Skills Development: Creative and quick thinking

How to play

  1. Collect everyday objects from around your home, make sure that they can be handled easily, for example coat hanger, banana, ruler, pencil, plastic bottle etc
  2. Decide who goes first and in which order you will rotate. Usually the youngest goes first but this does not have to be the case.
  3. The first person starts by transforming the object into something else through showing how it would be used as the transformed object, for example a banana would become a phone or a paint brush.
  4. The object is then passed to the next person who transforms the object into something different
  5. Keep passing the object until you run out of ideas. Then try a different object.
  6. You could ask the other players to guess before the player tells you what they have created.




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