Storytelling Game

Players: 2 or more
Age: 5+
Aim: Create a story as a team.
Skills Development: Listening, creative thinking, teamwork, quick thinking, confidence, adapting to ideas, processing information.

How to play
Decide who goes first and in which order you will rotate. Usually the youngest goes first but this does not have to be the case.
The first person starts the story with one sentence and then the second person adds to the story and so on.
You must listen, and the story must flow and make narrative sense.
The story can be as long or short as you like.
Just be creative and have fun!

1 : One day a boy went for a walk in the woods.
2 : As he went deeper into the forest it got darker and darker.
3 : Suddenly he heard a strange noise.
1 : A barking noise.
2 : But he was not scared.
3 : Suddenly out of the shadows came a dog.
1 : He recognised the dog.
2: It was the one on the Lost Dog poster at the end of the street.
3 : He took the dog home and claimed the reward. The End


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