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Bluecake Productions

Loving the Enemy

  • Bennachie Leisure Centre
  • Saturday 22nd April 2023
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Loving the Enemy

Bluecake Productions presents: LOVING THE ENEMY New drama that tells the real-life story of a Glasgow -born Italian in the British Army during WW2.

It’s 1940. Hugo is in no man’s land. Having been born and raised in Scotland, he’s miles away from his family’s Italian roots, yet, at the same time, the UK, his home, has become a hostile place as the Italian community is marginalised and demonised for Mussolini’s support of Nazi Germany. How far will Hugo go to belong again?

The team is comprised of Hilda De Felice and Lorenzo Novani. Hilda wrote the original story of Loving the Enemy based on her father’s real-life experience in the British army during WW2. Lorenzo is a Scots-Italian dramatist who has co-written the stage adaptation of Loving the Enemy and is the sole actor in the performance.

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Adults £10.00
Under 18s / Full-time Education £7.00