Selecting Your Films and Developing an Audience

Think carefully about your target audience, what does your faithful audience enjoy and which films might draw a different demographic to your hall.

Are there other groups using your hall which you may be able to collaborate with to develop your audience, for example playgroup, fitness group, young adults. What about the scouts or the local parent council, young farmers club, Rotary?

Overall most people enjoy a film screening but getting them through the door is a harder task, but once they experience an event they will be more open to engaging again.

Have you tried roadside signs, is there a community newsletter, Facebook, banners, asking a school to send flyers home with children. Many of our promoters have tried one or more of the above and they’ve experienced a positive impact on audience figures.

Are there young people (14 – 26 years) in your community who may wish to volunteer with you. If so they could join our Young Promoter Scheme. Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing this further.

Is your space flexible enough so that following a screening you can have a social gathering in another space, a chance to chat and have a fly cup or drink?

Think about performance time. Is 7:30pm the best time?

Autistic Friendly Screenings

To make your events more accessible have you considered putting on a relaxed screening for audiences with additional needs.

Some titles are not suitable due to content, for example, loud music or flashing lights. Some will be suitable if we wish to advertise a performance as a relaxed or autistic friendly.

Here to help

We are here to help and support you as Volunteer Promoters. If you would like to chat through some ideas or want some help to choose your next film please get in touch on 01330 826525 or [email protected]

Cinema Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions

Agreeing to these terms and conditions confirms you agree to hold the equipment on loan from North East Arts Touring Ltd (NEAT).  The ownership of the equipment is vested in NEAT who also insure the items.


  • You accept that you have a responsibility towards the equipment and will return it in working condition.
  • If the equipment is lost or damaged, you agree to inform NEAT immediately.
  • In the event of the loss or damage of any equipment you accept that you are liable for the market value of the item(s) loaned at the date of the written notice.
  • In the event of theft of any equipment you agree to immediately inform NEAT and provide the Police Incident number.
  • You agree to return the equipment promptly on the arranged date. In the exceptional event that NEAT requires the equipment to be returned at an earlier date this will be communicated to you and you agree to return the equipment as soon as possible.  If for any reason you are unable to return the equipment you agree that you are liable for the market value of the item(s) loaned.


  • Under no circumstances can the NEAT equipment be subleased by the hiring party to a third party. NEAT would consider this to be an exploitation of the scheme and any group responsible may be ineligible from future hires.