In the environmentally aware village of Tarland, a remarkable event unfolded on Sunday 9 June 2024 that brought the community together in a shared vision for a greener future. The Tarland Climate Crisis Group and Cromar Future Group, in collaboration with Tarland Film Club and North East Arts Touring, presented an inspiring selection of short climate and environmental films at the MacRobert Memorial Hall.

The event was more than just a screening. Organised by Gillian Needham from NESCAN (North East Scotland Climate Action Network), it was a celebration of the voices of the youngest members of the community—the children who, under the guidance of Les Ellis from the Cromar Future Group, produced films that resonated with hope and urgency. Their message was clear: it’s time for change, and it’s time for action.

As attendees savoured ice cream and homebakes, the hall buzzed with more than just the chatter of a delighted audience. It became a hub of learning and engagement, where climate tree activities and practical examples of environmental action took centre stage. The films, including the award-winning Save The Mussels!‘ and the Cop26 Change Film Gala joint winner Time For Change sparked a dialogue that rippled through the participants. These films, available on the Cromar Future Group’s YouTube channel, have garnered acclaim for their impactful storytelling and have been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

The discussion that followed was as diverse as the audience itself, touching on various aspects of climate change and the steps we can take at a local level. The emphasis was on empowering action, with a particular focus on involving young people in a way that is not only educational but also enjoyable and positive.

Looking ahead, the meeting concluded with a commitment to continue this initiative. Plans are already underway for future events featuring longer films, in partnership with NEAT and NESCAN. The next gathering is set for October 2024, promising to be another step forward in Tarland’s journey towards environmental awareness and action.

NEAT is proud to support such a vital cause, recognising the power of film to inform, inspire, and ignite a passion for the environment and we are grateful to Charlie Ritchie our Volunteer Promoter in Tarland for all his hard  work. Together, we stand at the forefront of climate advocacy, proving that small communities can make a big impact on the global stage.

Join us as we continue to champion the message of sustainability and celebrate the creativity of our young people. For more information on upcoming events and how you can get involved join our newsletter or stay tuned to our social media channels.

The future is bright, and together, we can make a difference.


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