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NEAT have teamed up with four students from Aberdeen University to carry out a disability access audit of our venues as part of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan (EDI). The audit is being conducted by Daniela Karumaa, Ruaridh Heath, Russell Edmond and Arianna Lucà.

Information gathered will be made available on our website so that audiences with a disability or additional support needs can access relevant information.

Below you will find a short check list relating to access and facilities at your venue.

Please be as accurate as possible as this will be public information.

By filling in this check list you will be taking another step towards making your venue more accessible and in doing so removing barriers for those with disabilities or additional needs.

Please email any queries to Michelle  –

You can use this email if you have any questions regarding the check list or if you require any further information. One of the audit team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you choose Save & Continue you will be asked to enter your email address so that a retrieval link can be sent to you. Once you have clicked the Save and Continue button please scroll down until you find the relevant box. 

Access Check List

  • Venue Details

  • Please provide the name as you would like it to appear eg Glenvale Village Hall
  • IF APPLICABLE. The system will NOT accept www, you will need the full http:// address. To do this, open your venue website in a new window and copy from the address bar and paste into the box below



  • For example this could be helpful for audiences with a hearing impairment, or autistic audiences



  • If there is no defibrillator at the venue you may like to include the location of the nearest one within your community.

Deadline: Friday 5 April 2019








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