Storytelling Game 

Players: 1 or more

Age: 5+

Aim: Create a story as a team or as an individual

Skills Development: Listening, creative thinking, teamwork, quick thinking, confidence, adapting to ideas, processing information, memory.


How to play  

Decide who goes first and in which order you will rotate. Usually the youngest goes first but this does not have to be the case.

The first person starts the story with a sentence starting with the letter A and then the second person adds to the story with the letter B and so on.

You must listen, and the story must flow and make narrative sense.

See if you can get to Z!

You can play this game anywhere, whilst out on a walk, in the garden or on the sofa

Just be creative and have fun!



1 : Alex woke, and the sun was shining.

2 : But he didn’t want to get up.

3 : “Come on lazy bones” said mum.

1 : Downstairs they were all eating breakfast

2 : Except for Alex who was still in bed

3 : Fried eggs, baked beans and bacon.

etc etc


In addition, you can look at different words or names, for example a story about dinosaurs using each letter.


1 : Deep in the forest millions of years ago.

2 : It was said that strange creatures lived.

3 : Nobody had ever seen them because man did not exist.

1 : Oscar the little baby dinosaur lived in the woods with mummy and daddy dinosaur.

2 : Sadly, he was lonely.

3 : And very bored.

1 : Under a stone he found an even smaller dinosaur who looked lonely.

2 : Right away they became great friends and played together.

3 : Such a special day thought Oscar!


Mix it up

If it is a short name or word, for example dog, each player adds to the story by using each letter



1 : Down in the valley, the village was asleep.

2 : Dogs howled in the wind

3 : Danie was afraid because she couldn’t sleep.

1 : Orange flames flickered from the candle beside her bed.

2 : On this night something didn’t feel right thought Danie.

3 : Often she would lay awake but tonight was different.

1 : “Got to get to sleep” said Danie.

2 : Gently the door of her bedroom opened and in came Red her little dog.

3 : “Good timing” said Danie as Red jumped onto the bed and snuggled in, they both fell asleep!


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