Written and performed by Maria MacDonell

With Georgina MacDonell Finlayson and Alan Finlayson

Length: 16 minutes

Miss Lindsay’s Love in Lockdown is a short film about secrets, long concealed.

What would you do? Would you tell?

This is a film about a secret box of letters. They tell an intimate tale of a Scottish seamstress, Minnie Lindsay. Her story, hidden in the Angus hills for over a hundred years, binds the gentle hills of Glenesk to the heady Klondike of Canada’s famous gold rush at the beginning of the twentieth century.

But do the dead have a choice? 

Does Miss Lindsay have a voice?

Does she want her secrets told?

This is a film about a play, Miss Lindsay’s Secret, performed only three times and then hidden away by Lockdown.

This is a film by the Curator, the Musician and The Man, who made that play and now this film, to keep alive Miss Lindsay’s love in Lockdown.

Come in. Shut the door. Open the Box.

What’s inside?

 Audience comments include

‘Incredible- made me smile loads’

‘Authentic, witty and poignant’

‘Beautiful , intriguing and quite shocking’

‘Absolutely loved this. Enchanted.’

‘It fairly filled me with joy’.


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