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Artie’s Tartan Tales

Forglen Hall Forglen Hall

Forglen Hall Saturday 8 February 2020  2:30pm  The Singing Kettle  Ages 3+   The Singing Kettle's creator and former star, Artie Trezise, is back with his exciting storytelling production, Tartan Tales. All of the old favourite songs and stories will be included in an action packed interactive show with lots of joining in for children […]

Hansel & Gretel

Forglen Hall Forglen Hall

Forglen Hall Sunday 15 December 2019 2:00pm  Goody and Storey & Norwich Puppet Theatre Ages 3+    Deep in an enchanted forest, everybody’s looking for something to eat. A tasty treat, a sticky sweet - some children’s feet? Hansel and Gretel are lost, searching for a way home, only to find themselves on the menu […]

The Lighthouse Keepers Tale

Forglen Hall Forglen Hall

Forglen Hall Saturday 15 June 2019 2:30pm Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre Ages 3-7 In a tiny quaint village by the sea Tom the lighthouse keeper fishes by the jaggedy rocks and watches out carefully for the ships sailing by night. In the one and only village café, his friend Belle the mermaid makes such delicious ice […]

Shhh, the Elves are Very Shy!

Forglen Hall Forglen Hall

Forglen Hall Saturday 15 December 2018 2:30pm IpDip Theatre Company Suitable for all ages In Shhh... the elves are very shy we meet elfologist Dr Fay Greenwood, an expert in all things elf who has brought two of her tiny friends to meet us. The trouble is that, like all elves, they are very, very […]


Forglen Hall Forglen Hall

Forglen Hall Saturday 29 September 2018 2:00pm Catherine Wheels Suitable for 4+ Who is Martha? Martha lives by the sea… Martha lives alone… Martha doesn’t need anyone… She is stubborn, eccentric and highly independent. Who are Martha’s friends? Not her next door neighbour. Not her helpful postman. Nor her secret admirer from across the bay. […]

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