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Theatre Menu September to December 2020

You can click on the images to download the menus and brochure

Always check the technical requirements and playing area.   


Dates are either specific or flexible. We will negotiate flexible dates during the booking process.

In some cases additional dates are available, if you are interested in additional dates please tick the appropriate box on the booking form.

Technical Equipment

Most of the shows are self-sufficient and require no additional technical equipment.

However, some have specific technical needs. These are clearly marked in the menu (in red). Your booking form will also ask you to select certain options in relation to the technical equipment.

NEAT can no longer cover the cost of additional technical equipment, so please make sure that you can provide any additional equipment as required.

Selecting Your Shows and Developing an Audience

Think carefully about your target audience, what does your faithful audience enjoy and which shows might draw a different audience to your hall.

Are there other groups using your hall which you may be able to collaborate with to develop your audience, for example playgroup, fitness group, young adults. What about the scouts or the local parent council, young farmers club, Rotary?

Overall most people enjoy a live performance but getting them through the door is a harder task, but once they experience an event they will be more open to engaging again.

Have you tried roadside signs, is there a community newsletter, Facebook, banners, asking a school to send flyers home with children. Many of our promoters have tried one or more of the above and they’ve experienced a positive impact on audience figures.

Are there young people (14 – 26 years) in your community who may wish to volunteer with you. If so they could join our Young Promoter Scheme. Please get in touch with Lynn, or 01330 826525 if you are interested in discussing this further.

Is your space flexible enough so that following a performance you can have a social gathering in another space whilst the theatre company are clearing their set. A chance to chat and have a fly cup or drink?

Some of the companies and artists offer workshops (some for free, some paid) are there groups within your community who may be interested in participating in a workshop. It’s not always about asking people to get up and act. For example, if you have a book club an actor may be able to talk about how they create a character, a local amateur dramatic group may like an acting workshop.

Autistic Friendly Performances

To make your events more accessible I’ve asked theatre companies to provide information on the suitability of their performances for audiences with additional needs.

In some instances some performances are not suitable either due to content or technical aspects, for example, loud music or flashing lights. Some performances will be suitable, and the companies are willing to work with us to make minor changes if we wish to advertise a performance as a relaxed or autistic friendly performance. In other instances, changes cannot be made but we will be able to provide information on our website regarding certain aspects so that attendees can be forewarned and know what to expect within the performance.

Here to help

We are here to help and support you as Volunteer Promoters. If you would like to chat through some ideas or want some help to choose your shows please get in touch 01330 826525, 07790 032755 or


Please make sure that you return your booking form on time.

We are still waiting for Aberdeenshire Council to announce their new funding structure, however we do know that we will no longer receive core funding and they are considering moving to a project based funding. This could have a significant impact on our programming budget.

We are also waiting to hear from Creative Scotland about the level of funding we will receive during 2020/21. At best we are hoping for standstill funding.

Whilst we will do all we can to maximise our programming budget we cannot guarantee that we can continue to support the same number of productions. Based on this we may not be able to support bookings received after the booking deadline.

Booking Deadline: Sunday 22 March 2020

DEADLINE: Sunday 22 March








Rural Touring Dance Initiative (RTDI)

Please click on the image above to download a copy of the RTDI Menu for September 2020 onward

The menu was circulated to you in 9 January 2020 but I was aware that the Theatre Menu was not available at this time.

If you would like to book any of the dance shows from the RTDI Menu please do so by 27 February 2020 by emailing your choices to Emyr 

Updates from Artists and Theatre Companies

On occasions we receive updates from artists and theatre companies regarding their production. These will be posted here, we would advise that you check for updates regularly and definitely before making your final choices.

The Strange Case Of Jekyll & Hyde 

Here’s a copy of their poster for your information

Who Pays What?

NEAT pays the full company fee as shown in the Theatre Selection Menu regardless of how much you take in Box Office income

Your invoiced will be based on Box Office income and audience attendance as outlined in our Subsidy Scheme.

Please download our Scheme Brochure for full details

Support and Advice

If you would like to discuss any of the productions or would like help selecting productions or experiencing technical issues with this page, please conatct Emyr, 01330 826525

If you choose to select Save & Continue you will be asked to enter your email address so that a retrieval link can be sent to you. Please scroll down until you see the box which asks for your email address. 

Sunday 22 March








If you choose to select Save & Continue you will be asked to enter your email address so that a retrieval link can be sent to you. Please scroll down until you see the box which asks for your email address. 

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