Live Network Submissions 2022

To help aid recovery there will be 3 Volunteer Promoter Selection Menus issued during 2022.

We will be taking a much more agile approach to programming to help rebuild Volunteer Promoter and audience confidence and to ensure that we get as many performances booked as possible.

This approach will increase our work load and we therefore kindly ask that you work patiently with us during this time of reopening and recovery.

Menu 1

January – March 2022

Deadline: Monday 8 November 10:30am








Menu 2

April – July 2022

Deadline: Monday 29 November 10:30am








Menu 3

August – December 2022

Deadline: Monday 24 January 10:30am








The Process

You can submit your production at any time and you only need to submit once.

If your production is successfully selected to be included in our menu, then we will select the appropriate menu(s) based on your touring dates. You may be included in one, two or all three.

If you are included in the menu, we cannot guarantee bookings as the programme is democratically selected by each Volunteer Promoter.

Our halls are varied, and not all have yet reengaged with us. There are a number of reasons for this, for example reopening for regular weekly groups only or stricter guidelines imposed by venue owner/committee making promoting impractical. This may limit the number of venues currently booking live content; we are doing our best to help as many Volunteer Promoters as possible to programme during 2022.

We will be working hard to confirm bookings between 4 to 5 weeks after the submission deadline; please be patient if this takes a little longer.

Further Information

Selection Criteria

The selection process is subject to the following criteria …

  • genre or artform
  • age suitability
  • technical requirements
  • production scale
  • content
  • target audience
  • touring dates
  • fee
  • evidence of quality of work



Please make sure that your fee reflects your full costs including VAT, accommodation, travel, meals etc.

We cannot add additional costs to your fee at a later date.

We are not VAT registered so please add VAT if applicable to your fee.

We are committed to paying  fair fee. If your production is programmed we will guarantee your fee.

NEAT will not expect you to take unfair box office splits and neither will we enter into lower fee negotiations, however if we are able to offer you a longer run of performances we may ask if a slightly lower fee is achievable.

In order to create a vibrant and sustainable creative sector we place great value on the quality of your work and the real cost of touring to rural venues, however as a small organisation we have a limited programming budget.

Our  commitment to guaranteeing your fee means we are limited in the number of productions we can programme.


Creative Scotland Touring Fund

This is a new way of funding Scottish touring work and we would like to enter into an early dialogue with companies/artists who are applying to the fund. This will help us to ensure that we are working within Creative Scotland guidelines and also ensure that we are allocating our budget accordingly.


Touring Dates

Due to the nature of our programming process it’s not as simple as looking in a diary and choosing a date. We programme for around 25+ village halls and they all have busy diaries with regular bookings, we don’t have direct access to venue diaries.

It’s therefore a complex logistical jigsaw to programme each production into venues.

We also have to avoid booking the same production into neighbouring communities to avoid audience competition.

For these programming sessions we will ask you to tell us which months you are touring, if our Volunteer Promoters show an interest in your production then we will be able to negotiate suitable dates. We hope that this flexibility will remove the need for unnecessary pencilling of dates, giving you greater freedom to secure and confirm dates outside of NEAT.


Technical Requirements

Our venues are small to medium sized village halls with little or no technical equipment.

NEAT cannot cover the costs of any additional technical equipment 

Requesting venues to provide certain technical equipment will not necessarily mean that your production will not be selected for the menu but it may limit the number of venues who choose to programme your work.


Outdoor Performances

This is a new experience for our Volunteer Promoters and will require a greater level of commitment.

NEAT does not have the resources to provide a covered performance area, for example, a marquee. However our communities may be able to provide certain elements that you require.

Any information, guidance or advice that you will be able to provide to our promoters will be appreciated, especially around running a ticketed event in a public outdoor space.


Sharing Your Information With Partners

We want to help you to get as many bookings as possible. On occasions we may share our menu with partners outside of Aberdeenshire and Moray who may be interested in booking your work directly.

If you don’t want us to share your information please tick the appropriate box on the submission form.


  • Keep the text within your submission as concise and brief as possible. Volunteer Promoters often comment that they lose interest in submissions with large amounts of text.
  • Make the Village Hall Pitch brief and engaging – this is your opportunity to capture the imagination of the Volunteer Promoter.
  • Remember our promoters are volunteers, from all walks of life. Whilst they have knowledge of their community and a broad understanding of arts and culture, they are not professional programmers, they do not necessarily approach their programming needs from a specific strategic angle, they are however all committed to creating social and accessible experiences for their community.
  • When answering some of the text based questions use clear bullet points rather than long paragraphs.
  • Less is always more. 

You can save the form if you need to complete at a later date.

You will be sent a retrieval link via email. 

If you have any questions or experiencing any technical difficlities please contact Emyr

email or 07790 032755

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