Theatre September to December 2017

Deadline : Monday 10th April 2017

Please find below two versions of the Theatre Selection Menu.

We’ve included two versions this time so that we can provide more information to help you make the right choices for your community

SUMMARY VERSION – has all the basic information required. If you wish to print a copy I would suggest using this one. Once you’ve browsed and made a shortlist it may be worth checking the details against the Full Version.

FULL VERSION – This has more details about the productions including target audience and general information. It also has questions for you to ponder whilst selecting your shows.

I know some of you have mentioned that you would like a shorter list to aid selection. Emyr will be happy to recommend shows to you but will not be able to to do this until after April 3 2017 when we’ve submitted our Regular Funding application to Creative Scotland. If you would like Emyr to recommend shows then please send him a short brief outlining the style of programme you would like to promote .

If you need any clarification on any of the shows or having difficulties with this page please contact Emyr by email or by phone 01330 826525


Selection Menus

FULL VERSION Theatre Menu Sept – Dec 2017

SUMMARY VERSION – Theatre Menu Sept – Dec 2017


If you are experiencing difficulties please contact Emyr by email  or on 01330 826525

 Deadline : Monday 10th April 2017