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Theatre Menu January to August 2019

SUMMARY VERSION – this included a production synopsis, age suitability, touring dates and any explicit content. You can use this to quickly browse all productions to help you make a short list of shows you would like to programme. Please remember to double check technical requirements in the Complete Version.

COMPLETE VERSION – This includes all the information you will need to determine whether the production is suitable for you. Always check the technical requirements and playing area.   

I’ve tried to keep the productions in date order but it’s a little difficult this time round as I’ve given the companies the choice of providing specific dates or touring months. Once I have an idea of who’s interested in what we can then set actual dates.

Also during this period you have the opportunity to choose from the Puppet Animation Menu.

Selecting Your Shows and Developing an Audience

Think carefully about your target audience, what does your faithful audience enjoy and which shows might draw a different demographic to your hall.

Are there other groups using your hall which you may be able to collaborate with to develop your audience, for example playgroup, fitness group, young adults. What about the scouts or the local parent council, young farmers club, Rotary?

Overall most people enjoy a live performance but getting them through the door is a harder task, but once they experience an event they will be more open to engaging again.

Have you tried roadside signs, is there a community newsletter, Facebook, banners, asking a school to send flyers home with children. Many of our promoters have tried one or more of the above and they’ve experienced a positive impact on audience figures.

Are there young people (14 – 26 years) in your community who may wish to volunteer with you. If so they could join our Young Promoter Scheme. Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing this further.

Is your space flexible enough so that following a performance you can have a social gathering in another space whilst the theatre company are clearing their set. A chance to chat and have a fly cup or drink?

Some of the companies and artists offer workshops (some for free, some paid) are there groups within your community who may be interested in participating in a workshop. It’s not always about asking people to get up and act. For example, if you have a book club an actor may be able to talk about how they create a character, a local amateur dramatic group may like an acting workshop.

Think about performance time. Is 7:30pm the best time?

Autistic Friendly Performances

To make your events more accessible I’ve asked theatre companies to provide information on the suitability of their performances for audiences with additional needs.

In some instances some performances are not suitable either due to content or technical aspects, for example, loud music or flashing lights. Some performances will be suitable, and the companies are willing to work with us to make minor changes if we wish to advertise a performance as a relaxed or autistic friendly performance. In other instances, changes cannot be made but we will be able to provide information on our website regarding certain aspects so that attendees can be forewarned and know what to expect within the performance.

Here to help

I’m here to help and support you as volunteer promoters. If you would like to chat through some ideas or want some help to choose your shows please get in touch 01330 826525, 07790 032755 or

I may be on leave from Monday 22 October until Thursday 26 October but I will be checking my mail and will respond as soon as possible.

Booking Deadline Sunday 28 October 2018  


Who Pays What?

NEAT pays the full company fee as shown in the Theatre Selection Menu regardless of how much you take in Box Office income

Your invoiced will be based on Box Office income and audience attendance as outlined in our Subsidy Scheme. See below

New Theatre Subsidy Scheme


Our Theatre Subsidy Scheme is designed to empower rural communities to promote professional theatre performances by reducing financial risk to Promoting Organisations.

It is not designed to directly increase fundraising activity however we do realise that Promoting Organisations will have associated costs and therefore a successfully promoted event will generate some income for the Promoting Organisation.

NEAT will cover the full performance fee regardless of box office income. The average performance fee for 2017/18 was £700.

Any income raised by additional fundraising activity, for example, refreshments, raffles, food etc will be kept by the Promoting Organisation. 

 Each Promoting Organisation will be expected to make a guaranteed payment towards the cost of the production. 

  Group A Group B
Guaranteed Payment £285 £205

If an event fails to cover the cost of the Guaranteed Payment NEAT will underwrite the loss up to a maximum of £145 for a Group A show and £105 for a Group B. For example if your box office is £200 for a Group A show we will invoice you for £200 and underwrite the £85 loss. If your box office income is £90 for a Group B show we will invoice you for £100.

Before a Promoting Organisation can claim a box office split on income they must have an income greater than the Guaranteed Payment.

The Box Office Split will only apply to income above the Guaranteed Payment. For example, if your box office income is £350 the split will only apply to £65 (£285 will be paid in full to NEAT as your Gauranteed Payment) 

The split percentage will be based on the following percentages and determined by the number of tickets sold  

  NEAT Promoting


Less than 59 tickets 80% 20%
60+ tickets 70% 30%

 If you would like to discuss the scheme further please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01330 826525 or

New Ticket Prices for September 2018 onwards

Ticket prices have remained static since 2011 but production and overhead costs have increased significantly.

Many venues have charged more than the recommended NEAT price and there is no evidence to show that this has led to a decrease in audience figures.

NEAT will consider special deals eg early bird booking etc on certain shows. Please discuss this with Emyr

NEAT will calculate your invoice based on the new ticket prices, if you wish to sell your tickets at a lower price then your venue will have to absorb the shortfall. If you sell your tickets at a higher price NEAT will calculate your invoice based on the higher price.

If for example you include a meal in a higher ticket price NEAT will deduct the meal from your ticket price

You will continue to keep 100% of any extras you earn from raffles, refreshments etc

Group A – Suitable for a wide audience
Full £10
Concession (OAP, Unemployment or Disability Benefits) £9
Under 16 / Full Time Education £6
Family 4 (Max 2 adults) £30 

Group B – Children and Young Families
Full £8
Concession (OAP, Unemployment or Disability Benefits) £8
Under 16 / Full Time Education £6
Family 4 (Max 2 adults) £26

Support and Advice

If you would like to discuss any of the productions or would like help selecting productions or experiencing technical issues with this page, please conatct Emyr, 01330 826525