Publicity Material

If you do not provide posters we will have to deduct the printing costs from your fee.

Posters should be posted to the promoters and NOT to NEAT. Once we have all the information in place we will send you a list of promoter addresses.

If you are overprinting your posters with venue and event information we will forward the relevant information to you shortly.

Alternatively, if you are providing a blank space on your posters for us to print labels we will require at least the following amount of space …

Please click below to download a printable PDF of Poster Label Sizes

Label Size Information

In order that we get publicity material prepared in good time for our volunteer promoters could you please complete the following form …

If you have any questions regarding publicity material please contact Erin Smith by email or on 01330 826525

Erin works Tuesdays and Wednesdays