Membership Renewal


Thank you for all your hard work during the past year and for making a difference in your community.

You provide great opportunities for people who visit your venue to experience high quality arts events and we know through audience feedback that they really appreciate your commitment, enthusiasm and time.

Member Benefits     

As you are aware NEAT offers a great deal of member benefits to help you promote your events

These include:

  • Theatre & Cinema Selection Menus
  • Theatre Subsidy Scheme
  • Cinema Support Fund
  • Access to cinema equipment hire
  • Free and subsidised training
  • Annual Promoter Day
  • Marketing support
  • Go & See Fund
  • Website listing
  • Free printed tickets
  • Cinema administration support
  • Facebook listing
  • National Rural Touring Forum website login details
  •  Online ticketing
  •  Promoter pack
  •  Support and advice
  •  Facebook Closed Promoter Group
  •  Theatre poster & flyer labels
  •  Cinema poster design
  •  NEAT website promoter area (coming soon)
  •  Promoter Newsletter


Membership Fee

Our membership fee has been £60 since 2014/2015

Due to increased running costs membership for 2017/18 will be £75

During a recent Volunteer Promoter Survey, members noted that they would like to continue with a yearly membership scheme as opposed to other alternatives, for example, administrative fee per event, tiered membership fee with varied benefits. As members you also had the opportunity to choose an amount which you would consider to be a fair membership fee, therefore the increase is based on the average amount selected between £65 and £100.

The Future

As you may be aware we have just submitted a funding application to Creative Scotland for 2018 -2021. We should know the outcome by October or November 2017

The Theatre Subsidy Scheme will remain the same for 2017/18. We will be reviewing the scheme over the next few months ready for 2018/19 and you will have a copy of the new scheme prior to booking productions from April 2018 onwards.

In April 2018 (funding pending) we will be introducing a Cinema Diversity Fund to support the promotion of more diverse or specialised films.

During 2017/18 the way we cover cinema screening costs will remain the same but we will be looking at introducing a new scheme in April 2018. A Cinema Support Fund will be available during 2017/18, please see terms and conditions for full details.

The Membership Form

The form will ask you for basic details about you and your venue.

We have also included a section for Assistant Lead Promoters. This may be a person who you work closely with and would like to include them in certain correspondence from NEAT, for example, training opportunities, Cinema and Theatre Selection Menus etc.

You as Lead Volunteer Promoter will be our main point of contact. Having a second contact is useful if we need to get in touch with your venue due to an urgent issue and we are unable to get hold of you personally.

We have also given you the option to have event and membership invoices sent directly to your Treasurer for payment in order to slightly reduce your administration tasks.

If you select one or more of the above options we will also send a message to your Treasurer and/or Assistant Lead Promoter informing them that we will be holding their details on our database and outlining the reasons for this and what information we will be sharing with them.

If you have any queries regarding your renewal process please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Thomson (Office Manager) on 01330 826525 or by email

Terms & Conditions 2017/18

Please read the terms and conditions before completing the renewal form.

Please click here for Terms and Conditions 2017/18