Marketing Assistant Task

If you are successfully selected for an interview we would like you to work on a task which you will present at the interview.

This allows you the opportunity to take the lead during part of the interview so that it doesn’t feel like a list of unknown questions, it also allows us to see a practical example of your work which is consistent for all applicants.

If you do not have a MailChimp account you can sign up for free CLICK HERE

Use your name as Company Name and you can use your Facebook page as website.

I will contact you nearer the interview to explain how you can share the newsletter with us. It will probably be through our laptop on the day of the interview.

We would like you to design a MailChimp Newsletter featuring the following articles …

  1. Please visit  our website and promote one of our current shows. The choice is currently limited as we do not promote many events over the summer. I would suggest that you select an event which is after June 20 as they are automatically removed.
  2. From the information available on our website write an article about NEAT. Up to 400 words.
  3. Write an article for our Volunteer Promoters about how to write an engaging press release that they can use to promote their shows. Up to 600 words.
  4. Write a short article about yourself as a way of introducing our new Marketing Assistant to our volunteers. Up to 200 words

Be as creative as you like, use images, graphics etc

The colour theme we use is as follows…











You can download a selection of images and logos below. Please feel free to edit the images as you like. You may wish overlay text on to some of the images. Be creative but be practical.

NEAT Images