Edinburgh Fringe 2017








If you are interested in receiving a bursary to attend the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 then please complete the form below.

We have a limited budget and therefore we cannot guarantee a bursary to everyone.

If you attend you will be required to provide reviews of all shows to NEAT and also post these reviews on the National Rural Touring Forum website.

Once you have noted your interest we will then send you a link so that you can register with the Arts Industry Office in order to register for the complimentary ticket service. We will also provide you with a supporting letter to attach with your application.

NEAT will be able to cover part or all of your accommodation depending on the length of your stay based on an average £85 per night. You will need to provide receipts for all expenses.We will also be able to provide travel support. We cannot cover food or pay for tickets.

DEADLINE: Thursday 1 June 2017